How profoundly does language influence a viewer’s interpretation of an image? What is our role in the process of constructing and consuming photographic images? Where does the truth end and lies start? Thirteen strange deaths accompanied by similarly strange stories seek a solution through the photographic evidence of the scene of death. The eyewitness at all the scenes is the photographer, who decides to publish a part of his unknown photographic archives.



During my long career, full of breathtaking experiences, I often found myself near to death. For a long period, as a freelance reporter and as an associate of a secret service, I had the opportunity to be in the ‘’front line’’.

There, besides my professional shooting, I was also taking some polaroid pictures, for my personal files. Now that I have started to withdraw from the active professional scene, I thought that it is my duty to communicate some of these experience to the broad public.

All of the thirteen stores I have chosen-beyond the interest each one has for its own reasons-they all have a common point; they all remain unsolved. I hope that this initiative of mine, to contribute to the efforts of all those people who are searching for the ‘’truth’’.


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